Top 8 lunch boxes for children

Top 8 lunch boxes for children

Mar 29 2021

Our children's lunch boxes are the most important thing to maintain a healthy and fun diet, at school our children want to share their brunches with their classmates, Therefore, many of the traditional recipes are no longer favorites..
High levels of concentration in classes are represented when children can more easily retain information and, Thus, learn properly. What's in our children's lunchboxes can account for up to a third of their daily nutrients and provides all the energy they need to get through an action-packed day.
Due to the importance of lunch boxes in the development and growth of children, we share some perfect options so that children can take them to school or eat them at home during virtual classes.

1. Tomates cherry, grapes, blueberries, hummus, pita, turkey and cheese rolls, chocolate chips, Sour Cream San Fernando.
2. Energetic bites , cucumbers, carrots, cookies, cheese, strawberries.
3. Tomates cherry, celery with Sour Cream San Fernando, peanut butter / almonds and tortilla rolls with strawberries and blueberries,dark chocolate covered raisins.
4. Strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, broccoli, granola cookies, pasta salad (pasta, olive oil, Parmesan, peas and carrots, San Fernando milk cream).
5. Apple slices, pretzels, carrots and cucumbers, granola bar, dried cherries.
6. Mixed nuts, watermelon, crackers and cheese, ham and spinach rolls, dark chocolate chips.
7. Tortillas and salsa, fruit mix, sandwich with ham and San Fernando sour cream, cheese snack, chocolate bonbons.
8. Banana chips and chocolate chips, string cheese, grapes, ham rolls, almonds.


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Nov 5, 2021
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