Let's evolve together: New image

Let's evolve together: New image

Mar 15 2021

Today we invite you to know everything you need to know about the new image of San Fernando. Do you want to learn about our products?.
We have some changes to share with you, we will start by talking about our logo, we renew our concept with a meaning that represents our essence and soul, now you can share your best moments with our new image.

The nature and tranquility of the countryside in our new image, We evolve with you and now you will be able to know some of our products that they renewed with us.

We will start by sharing one of our new products, the new San Fernando Long Life Oatmeal, is a drink made from whole milk with oats, UAT ultra alta temperature (UHT) Has no lumps, it is not sandy and has the natural fiber of oats, you can find it at our distribution points or in our online store alival express.

Another product that we want to highlight is our new presentation of the delicious sweet with milk San Fernando, product made from pasteurized whole milk, milk powder, sugar and starch, it is the perfect sweet to accompany your brunch in the afternoons, cookies, pancakes,waffles, don't wait any longer to try this delicious San Fernando product.

San Fernando milk cream is one of the most popular products, is part of family traditions, our salads, dips, and lunches, That is why we want to renew ourselves and we present you the new image of milk cream.

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hervin hurtado
Apr 5, 2021
Estoy interesado en comprar productos san fernando

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