Perfect combinations with Kumis San Fernando

Perfect combinations with Kumis San Fernando

Mar 1 2021

Kumis is one of the most original and delicious dairy products, in addition to its surprising process that makes it one of our favorites, What is your favorite combination? Today we share with you some of the favorite foods of people to have a brunch with kumis.

Cookies: The exquisite and perfect cookies, they can be homemade, or the cookies you buy in the store, they are the perfect complement, at a work brunch or snack or after school, kumis is a drink that can accompany us at any time.
The smooth and creamy flavor of the kumis perfectly complements the cracker crunch, which is exactly what makes this combination a perfect blend of flavors.

Vegetable Sandwich: A delicious sandwich for breakfast or dinner with tomato, lettuce, onion, Ham, chicken or beef, accompanied by a delicious kumis can you imagine? this is one of the healthiest and perfect alternatives for your diet.
Breakfast bowl: Our favorite cereal, with some fruits like banana, Apple, blueberries or strawberries, accompanied by an exquisite San Fernando kumis, you can prepare this breakfast for your whole family.


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