Benefits of kumis

Benefits of kumis

Oct 2 2020

Kumis is one of the most popular dairy products, for its unique taste and consumption, is characteristic for its texture and process, It is popular especially in Latin American and mass consumer countries, but.. If you want to know a little more about kumis today we will share some important information about kumis .

First we will tell you a little about its outstanding benefits, including digestion due to the bacterial cultures found in this fermented milk can help your stomach break down food more easily and help prevent constipation , bloating and cramps . There is also less lactose in sour milk, which makes it ideal for people with lactose intolerance.

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Another important benefit is the stimulation of liver and pancreas functions. , thus helping to eliminate more toxins from the body, Therefore, the consumption of kumis in your diet is a variable that you must take into account when visiting the supermarket and buying what you need for your family..

One of the advantages of kumis is its low fat content, even if it consumes a lot, does not provide many dietary fat or calories. Our body approximately gets about fifty calories from a serving of 100 grams. of the product. At the same time, the fat content of the kumis is sufficient to ensure the absorption of the necessary micronutrients from the product and to give the product a unique flavor which we all prefer.

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These are some of the main benefits of this delicious product, also remember that its multiple uses make it the perfect companion you can use it with an appetizer such as cookies or a cake , you can also add it as a secret ingredient in your brunch or in your children's lunch boxes with a delicious sandwich.


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