11 creative ways to use Sour Cream San Fernando

11 creative ways to use Sour Cream San Fernando

Jan 20 2021

The sour cream or sour cream is the complement of our tables , the perfect spread for our lunch boxes, it's the kind of versatile ingredient that pairs really well with spicy and salty foods and refreshing sweets. Of course, it is also quite good in its essence; if we have the opportunity we apply it to the breakfast bread.

But sour cream also plays a more unexpected role in some of our favorite dishes., from cookies to sauces for lunch, potato salad and more. Whether you have a half-used jar that's chilling in the fridge or you just want a few dozen excuses to keep them around the house., today we share some of the best combinations.

1. As a sandwich spread
Try our delicious Sour Cream and replace mayonnaise on sandwiches. The sour taste will enhance the experience, especially with ham or with chicken and pulled pork .

2. In your scrambled eggs
Eggs for breakfast or eggs for dinner, on each of these occasions you can benefit from its creamy texture and the additional secret touch of a tablespoon of Sour Cream. Perfect combination with eggs, while you cook them, or add a tablespoon just before serving.

3. In pancakes and crepes
You can think of Sour Cream as a friend to the butter that you will probably now add to your pancakes.. It is especially suitable for tasty pancake and crepe recipes.

4. If you've ever decided to get creative adding heavy cream to complete a sauce or add a twist to sauce for the stew, this tip won't surprise you. But unlike the milky sweetness you'll get from heavy cream, The Sour Cream will give you a more acidic touch

5. You've probably tried a lot of mayonnaise-based dressings for pasta and potato salads over the years, But there is no better alternative than Sour Cream to take its place as an even richer option.. In fact, there are many cases where you should definitely do it, as is the case of the cold salad with potatoes and vegetables.


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