Sponsored the quarry Deportivo Cali

Sponsored the quarry Deportivo Cali

Apr 26 2019

Last Tuesday, 22 of January of 2019 He held the official launch of the template and the new sponsors of Deportivo Cali and Cantera. The marketing manager Alival, Juliana Lemos was part of the interview panel. There, He expressed support for children and young people from the quarry, "Today we want to support the dream of those young people who want to be professional, who they want to leave and want to grow ".

During this year, San Fernando brand will be hitting more than 27.000 children with their families. In addition to supporting the quarry and its subsidiaries, They expected to food and nutrition workshops, in addition to train mothers on the benefits of milk and dairy products, hopefully they can create creative and fun recipes for your children.


For more information, Visit our social networks. There you can find information regarding the sponsorship of the quarry of Deportivo Cali.



Ronal Mulato silva
Sep 29, 2019
Sirs : san fernando Reciba ante todo un cordial saludo: The reason for this letter is to request your sponsorship deal with the football team "sporting football club Cordoba". In order to favor the children and adolescents of the commune 15 Cali city through the fomentation of football. The same general discipline and perseverance in sports and taking them away from drugs that destroy our children and youth of our community this social work aims to fulfill the dreams of our children and youth created new categories from pre kindergarten through the sub 20 and aand portfolio club. leading them to debut in professional leagues in our country or abroad. respectfully we turn to you because you do not have the financial resources for the project. List of sports equipment: 1. 10 footballs No. 5 2. 22 petos orange No. 12 child pre Y 22 green No. L juvenile. 3. 1 demarcation tape band chana football. 4. 10 green cones. 5. 20 piles. 6. 2 infantile and juvenile pre sports uniforms. 7. I ask you to consider our proposal and will communicate its decision, clubsportingcordoba@hotmail.com mail or rrmulato@gmail.com cel. 321 885 66 78 I appreciate your time and inconvenience it may cause.


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